We provide a comprehensive set of services to ensure that your operations run smoothly.


Assistu offers in-house engineering services tailored to suit your timeframe or project. We are available work on-site while adhering to your processes and procedures. Our engineers have diverse and comprehensive skillsets and will work with your employees to address your needs. As Assistu has several clients with unique engineering needs, we have the engineering solutions and expertise to provide support through many different processes and projects.

Using our in-house engineering services benefits you. Your company’s intellectual property will be protected, and our staff provide you with the flexibility to hire on project-to-project basis rather than hire a full-time employee, allowing you to avoid the costs associated with a full-time employee, such as paying benefits and providing an assigned workspace and computer. Additionally, the risk of COVID-19 is low since most of our engineering work can be done remotely.

The services we offer include Turnaround Engineering, Finite Element Analysis, Fitness for Service, Defect and Flaw Assessment, Re-rating Assessments, Pipeline Integrity Management, Pipeline Engineering Assessments, Risk Assessment & Failure Investigation, Mechanical Engineering Services, and Engineering Program Development.


Using API 579-1 methodology we assess your equipment for any flaws or defects. Through these methods, we evaluate for any metal loss, cracking, buckling, dents, flame impingement, and more. If any defects are detected, we will investigate the cause and recommend appropriate methods to prevent or mitigate equipment degradation. We make ample use of 3D-imaging technology to provide a visual demonstration of the state of your equipment that allows us to assess any flaws or defects.


Using API 579-1 methodology we assess your equipment for any flaws or defects. Through these methods, we evaluate for any metal loss, cracking, buckling, dents, flame impingement, and more. If any defects are detected, we investigate the cause and recommend any appropriate mitigation methods to prevent or control equipment degradation. We make ample use of 3D imaging technology (link) to assess flaws and defects and provide a visual demonstration of the state of your equipment.


We offer FEA (Finite Element Analysis) services keep your equipment performing to the top of its capabilities. Using SolidWorks Simulations we perform a stress analysis on you equipment to gauge whether it will continue to operate and withstand its working conditions. We assess its ability to withstand elements that cause degradation such as buckling, fatigue, vibrations, and thermal exposure. Once we have collected our data, we tell you if it will need a repair or replacement to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly.

SolidWorks allows us to create a comprehensive 3D  visual model simulating the wear and fatigue your equipment may experience. We use this to tell if the equipment will remain usable, or if we can apply any of our simple, practical, and effective solutions to prolong its life.

We provide both linear and non-linear analysis for a comprehensive understanding your equipment’s condition. By being thorough we can maintain the safety of your operations while remaining efficient and budget-savvy.


We provide FFS (Fitness for Service) assessments on existing equipment to ensure it’s fit for continued service. To keep your equipment operating at safe and maintainable levels, we conduct an inspection on your equipment. Once we have the inspection results, we help you understand the information and what it means for you. We provide excellent FFS assessments for clients across Canada.

Assistu uses industry standard API 579-1 methods. With our inspection results, we assess if the integrity of your equipment compromised, and whether unacceptable defects could appear in the future. Our FFS assessments are applicable to pressure vessels, piping, tanks, lifting equipment, drilling equipment, farm equipment, automotive machinery, and more.

We formulate practical solutions for defective equipment. We strive to provide owners and users with more options for their defective equipment than just  purchasing a replacement or discarding the equipment. You’ll maintain efficiency while keeping costs low.


In our FFS reports, we detail the current state of your equipment. The report outlines your inspection results, including whether your equipment is safe for continued use or if steps must be taken to get the equipment back on track. If your equipment is not fit, we provide a variety of options that use simple and practical solutions. As part of our commitment to open communication and transparency we will work through the report with you, making sure that any steps taken are the right choice for your company.


Our pipeline integrity management programs provide you with in-depth knowledge of the integrity of your equipment and the tools to continue to independently ensure pipeline integrity is maintained.

We develop a program tailored to your company’s needs and requirements.  Through this program, pipeline integrity is monitored and effective mitigation strategies are put in place. The program oversees routine monitoring, planned inspections and repairs, internal audits, regulatory engagement, and more.

We guide you through the implementation of the program so that it is effective, compliant, and not “red tape” heavy.

We also audit clients’ existing pipeline integrity management programs. Through this audit, we optimize the program to ensure that all bases are covered. Our goal is a seamless and simplistic program, that is as to-the-point as possible.

We provide continuous support once the program audit is complete so that the program remains up to both your standards and ours.

Once a new program is implemented, or an existing program is optimized, we provide training for the continued success of the program. The pipeline integrity management program will remain effective and safe, giving you peace of mind and the tools to ensure the quality and integrity of your pipelines.


Should you want to reactivate a deactivated pipeline, conduct a substance change, or convert from sweet to sour, we can provide you pipeline engineering assessments to meet regulatory requirements. We gauge whether a change will be feasible and safe, and outline the steps needed to ensure your pipelines continue to operate reliably.


Part of our pipeline integrity services is assessing any risks your pipeline may encounter. Using both practical approaches and 3D scanning, we can assess the current state of your pipeline, and gauge its future. With our 3D scanning, we create a comprehensive 3D visualization of the pipeline that allows us to see in in-depth, digital detail, the current state. With this, we find any existing defects or risks that may lead to problems.

We provide engineering assessments to ensure the engineering, welding, and construction of the pipeline is sound and will continue to be sound. As part of our engineering assessments, we also provide license amendments. Our testing is affordable and non-destructive. We use In-Line Inspection to measure and record irregularities including corrosion, cracks, deformations, or other defects. With this data, we provide a thorough reported flaw evaluation to be aware of any defects that can be repaired or need to be monitored.

Should a pipeline fail, we provide comprehensive failure investigations. We investigate what went wrong and ensure that similar situations do not affect other pipelines where avoidable.

As part of our dedication to providing practical and simple solutions, we provide a variety of solutions to failed pipelines in order to give you the most choices for how to continue with your operations in the most effective and affordable manner.


AssistU provides several mechanical engineering services to provide you and your company with effective new designs and comprehensive analyses of existing equipment. We utilize 3D imaging software for a thorough understanding of the state of your equipment, such as reverse engineering and assessing defects, as well as providing visualization and prototyping for design concepts.


We can fulfill all your mechanical engineering needs. Using the latest methods, we can design equipment, make modifications, or provide crucial repairs.

With the latest cutting-edge software, we model, draft, and design any mechanical or static load-bearing equipment you need.

We can also design effective equipment for manufacturing and assembly, and complete all calculations to ensure that everything is mathematically sound.

We can create drawings or use state-of-the-art software for 3D-imaging to give you a comprehensive visual understanding of the equipment being designed or modified. All designs are reviewed to make sure it fits both our high standards and your requirements.

We can provide the needed specs for the fabrication of individual parts or entire systems, and all installation and repairs follow regulatory procedures and standards to ensure that your operations remain up to code.

We take pride in our work, and in drafting designs that are perfect for you and your company.


Using 3D printing software we create a prototype of any equipment being designed. We first draft a design for an individual component or full piece of equipment. Then a 3D model is printed, providing a comprehensive visual of the design. The 3D model allows both us and our client to make sure the design fits their needs. This model provides a visual aid that a drawing or digital visual often cannot match. Using 3D printing makes a conceptual design tangible, allowing us to make sure that our design fully suits all your requirements.


Using a state-of-the-art handheld 3D scanner, we provide a thorough view into the your equipment’s current state and integrity. By using a Point Cloud—a 3D visualization made up of thousands of geo-referenced points—we create an accurate and detailed representation of your equipment. The data is then processed and used to create a model of the equipment. This allows us to gain a better understanding of its condition. This data is a boon. It allows us to both design new equipment and reverse-engineer existing equipment. Further, we can use these models to spot flaws and assess defects, ensuring that your equipment is well-kept and operational. This technology is also applicable to FFS and vessel re-rating.


These programs are made to suit the needs of you and your company and can be made to comply with local jurisdictional requirements whether it is municipal, provincial or national, such as ABSA, CER, AER, OGCBC, WorkSafeBC, the Ministry of the Economy, and more. Further, we can audit and provide support to your existing program, in order to ensure that the programs fully account for safety, effectiveness, quality, and integrity.

These programs establish controls and processes for maintaining and monitoring equipment, including pressure vessels, piping, pipelines, tanks, lifting equipment, rail cars, and drilling equipment.

We optimize the program to be as seamless and simplistic as possible, ensuring that they perfectly fit your needs. Once the program is developed, we continuously improve the program so that it stays up-to-standards and customized to your company’s expectations. We guide you through the implementation of the program so that it is effective, compliant and not “red tape” heavy.

Through program development, we support companies throughout Canada in remaining efficient and safe. Our greatest success is giving you the tools you need to run a successful operation.


We prioritize safety and efficiency while still striving to be the best mechanical engineering consultants in Canada.