Project Description

Welding Procedure Review for Turnaround

A turnaround is a process of shutting down one or more units of a plant to perform scheduled, routine maintenance. Turnarounds are essential to ensure reliable operation and the integrity of assets. This is achieved through thorough planning and implementation of the appropriate expertise.

The client did not have sufficient resources and expertise to complete the reviews before the turnaround. Assistu Engineering was requested to perform engineering reviews of Issued-for-Construction (IFC) packages and corresponding Welding Procedure Specification (WPS). These were evaluated to ensure the welding planned was in compliance with ASME Section IX and WPS’s were applicable to the repairs and replacements being performed.

IFCs and WPSs were developed by 4 separate contracting companies, each with different methods of document control and quality assurance. Assistu established a process for review, approval and submission to help the client organize the large amount of data being submitted. Additionally, a master list was produced for the turnaround team to quickly reference when unplanned repairs were required.

The project was successfully completed by Assistu personnel resulting in a smooth turnaround. During the course of the review, about 96% of all IFC packages were approved and 4% were rejected for resubmission due to missing or outdated information. Almost all of the WPSs reviewed, required resubmission based on redlines made by Assistu and most needing jurisdictional approval. A total of 108 IFC packages and 100 WPSs were submitted for review during the pre-turnaround work.