Project Description

Quality Management Audit

Audits provide important insight into a vendor’s overall effectiveness and implementation of the quality management system. Although the intent of most vendors is to provide quality goods and services, Assistu’s personnel are thorough and can identify issues that may have been missed or forgotten. Assistu’s expertise was used by this client because of our auditing experience and quality of work in past vendor audits. The client trusted us to provide a non-biased and objective assessment of their vendors.

During an audit, any factors which may affect the integrity of the work output are identified and evaluated. While often an unwelcoming process for most, audits are powerful tools to provide opportunities to identify quality issues and correct mistakes.

For this project responsible personnel were interviewed which included, managers, seasoned employees, and trainees. A custom checklist and client-provided templates were used. As directed by the client, several components from ISO 9001 and APEGA Guideline for Professional Practice Management Plan were audited. Just to list a few key areas:

  • Project Management and Planning
  • Measurement Equipment control
  • Document and Records Control
  • Technical codes and Standards
  • Training and Competency Program
  • Management of Change
  • Non-conformance Reporting
  • Corrective and Preventative Actions

For each finding and observation, a risk category and risk ranking were assigned for the purpose of understanding their severity.

Assistu encouraged transparent communication and active interaction with the client and the vendor over the project duration, resulting in a successful audit.