Project Description

Pre-Turnaround Work

In the fall of 2020, Assistu provided pre-turnaround engineering for one of our clients in Alberta. This pre-turnaround was focused on defining minimum thickness calculations for the clients’ critical vessels. Because turnarounds are on a strict timeline, this helped to keep our client’s turnaround on schedule and reduced the risk of potential mistakes.

Our client anticipated that there would be some cracking found during internal inspections. The client needed to know how thin the vessel wall could be ground down to before reaching the pressure boundary. Doing the shell was simple, but if it is near a nozzle or head, the complexity of the calculations can become significantly more complicated and time-consuming. Through the use of sophisticated software, Assistu was able to provide minimum thickness results that eliminate most of the human errors associated with spreadsheet calculations. If metal loss encroaches the minimum thickness threshold the client would have to do a fitness for service, replace the vessel itself, or perform a weld metal build-up repair. This means when cracking or any other type of flaw is discovered using non-destructive examination (NDE), the calculations set in the pre-turnaround can be quickly referenced to determine the next steps.

Pre-turnaround work is not required in Alberta, but it is an excellent way to ensure your turnaround stays on schedule and on budget. The work Assistu completed ensured our client’s turnaround was successful and consistent.