About Assistu Engineering

Frank Eder is the President and Founder of Assistu Engineering Ltd.

Frank has over a decade of mechanical engineering experience, with expertise that extends through a variety of areas. Whether it’s testing fitness for service, providing a custom design, developing an integrity management program, or auditing program effectiveness, Frank has the knowledge and skills to suit the job. Frank’s expertise is applicable to various types of equipment, including pressure vessels, pressure piping, tanks, pipelines, lifting equipment, and drilling equipment. His engineering philosophy revolves around using a practical and simple approach, striving for excellent quality work, and doing his due diligence.

Be practical and keep it simple. Complex problems have simple solutions.

Safety & Due Diligence

At Assistu, we use the latest technology to provide solutions that are safe and efficient. We do our due diligence to ensure that the technology and methods we used never compromise the safety or integrity of your work, our work, or any of the people involved. We believe that a practical approach is often the most effective, and provide excellent results while keeping it simple.

Constant Communication

Respect, honesty, and trust are the cornerstone of any project. We ensure that we communicate with you and your team every step of the way. We value transparency, as it’s the first step toward strong communication and a dedication to safe practices. You will always know what solution we are using to solve your problem, and why we are making that choice.

Frank Eder

“Be practical and keep it simple. Every problem is solvable.”

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